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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A HEART-Felt Christmas!!!


With oh so much to do!  No stress heart is full.
 THIS Christmas is very different from the last several.
My Guy has heard me exclaim: "I want this one to be fabulous!!!"
My perfect Christmas today isn't about gifts...

(Christmas in Connecticut 1960)

Ahhhh, but looking back...
I see the doll I wanted.
The robot my little brothers wanted.
(Do you notice a trend here?)
In those days it WAS about the gifts!
As it was for my sons growing up...
Which is fine - that's the norm.

Five years ago the four of us spent Christmas in Connecticut.
It was the first one with my father since I was a little girl.
I imagined the picture perfect holiday.

It was an absolute beautiful setting. 
Gifts galore.
Dressing to the nines.
Oh, yes, we had to "dress" for dinner. 
You ask how that went over with our two boys?**
#1 was 22 and two weeks from going into the Army.
#2 Son was 15 and in a (very) rebellious phase of life.
**(like a lead balloon...)

A wish was granted.  I shared Christmas with my Dad and his family.
It was different than Texas holidays spent with My Guy's family.
Our gatherings are chock full of craziness, laughter and loudness!
And a whole lotta HEART!

And so I've got 10 days to make the Christmas magic.
I think this year it's going to happen...
Our sons are in a good place.

A few of our favorite things:

Egg Pie

Forgotten Cookies
Our 18th Annual Christmas Party
Amy Grant's "Tennessee Christmas"

And don't forgot the heart!

My prayer is that I have a warm, welcoming, open heart...and door.

That when I open my door, I offer the gift of hospitality.

I also pray my heart softens to those alone or just a bit different.

And most of all that my family remembers this Christmas with the fondest of memories.


Girl Meets Paris said...

That black and white photo is EXACTLY how I remember Christmas. I was born in 1960, so that photo is perfection! My husband and I were just discussing the icicle wars we used to have with our parents... as kids we threw them in globs on the tree, and our parents would carefully hang them one by one!!! I bought some a few years ago to put on our tree, and they were horrible, cheap, crap (no other word will do). The icicles were so thin and fragile, not at all like I remember them.

I also remember my brother receiving a similar robot!

Thanks for the look back!!

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Oh, Terri! Flashback, fo sho!! I used to "do" my Christmas cards like Mom too. Tape onto a fat ribbon and place around the house. Icicles don't set foot in this place: ha!

Dianne said...

All that know you know that you have a Christmas heart all year long!!

Privet and Holly said...

Let Christmas happen
in your heart....YES.
That was exactly the
message that I needed
at this very moment, V.
Thank you. Love the
photos; the B&W brought
me back to my own "wanting"
years : )
Happy weekend!
xx Suzanne

Denise said...

LOVE the black and white Christmas picture! Memories... Vava, YOU, my dear have Christmas in your heart 24-7. I am going to try to live up to your and see if I can do the same. xoxo ~ Denise

Anonymous said...

I heart YOU. xoxoxo