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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Winning Weekend!

I think we all like to be whatever we do, right?  My Guy got up at the crack this morning to run in a local race.  He's very happy with his results as noted above.  And I am happy FOR him.  You see, he must run.  He just must.  Years ago, when #1 Son was around 10, we were all in a sporting goods store.  Father's Day was around the corner and boy comes running up to me:  "Mom, Mom...I found the perfect shirt for Dad."

I abhor the "s" word.  And my goodness, he was only 10.  I (tried to) act offended but was won over when I realized that #1 Son "got" his Dad.  Pretty cool, right?

Here is that shirt.  17 years later!!!!

....and it's still My Guy's mantra.

And so this morning, I'm thinking...what makes ME feel like a winner?  I don't get trophies but I do get satisfaction from:

  • Deep, soul-digging talks with Sons
  • Gut-wrenching laughter (especially with My Guy!).  Two nights ago, I almost fell out of my chair due to something he said.  It drew the boys into the kitchen to see whatever WAS Mom doing?
  • The anticipation of bringing down fall clothes, organizing my closet.
Yup, that's it.  For today....I'm feeling like a winner! 

I hope our hearts race.
Our bellies ache from laughter.
The body's stretched,
Our minds at peace.
Oh to be drawn in, for talk & chatter.
Wait on someone, literally serve.
Give of ourselves - rejoice and sing!
Twirl in the kitchen,
Fix nachos for football.
Oh, how I love a winning weekend!



Anonymous said...

I LUUUUURVE this post, Va. So meaningful for all.
I hate the S word too, and don't allow my boys to say it, but Gary's tee is wonderful. You're all winners! xoxo

Dianne said...

What can I say? You married a winner!!!

Joy said...

Good for him. I admire people who run. It's never ever been my thing and I really don't understand it.
Glad you all had a winning weekend.
♥ Joy

Girl Meets Paris said...

I hate the S-word too, but now that my third child is a teenager, I'm getting a little more used to it... but only when her friends say it, not her! LOL

Although my husband doesn't run, he's recently put himself on a diet, and has lost 19 lbs. I'm SO proud of him!

Have an awesome weekend... and you're right... there's nothing like laughing with your hubby!

Pam said...

we are not allowed to use the s word's gross! You're a winner in my book! Happy Birthday!! xoxo

LLH Designs said...

It's great to see how much you enjoy your husband. I'm crazy about mine, too. :)

Have a great week...Linsey

Karena said...

A really wonderful post Vava!! I love your positive inspiration!

Oh....I have a Giveaway by the French Basketeer that I think you will love!

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