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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Birthday Boy (Fete #1)

Last night was our first fall celebration.  Since I posted on how much I love this time of year and all its' activities, I am going to keep track of every celebration.  My Guy turned 56 and it was honored with the presence of his folks, cousins and St. Steve and date.  We had to have a "manly-man" meal of course.  Ribs by Steve, Cornbread by cousin Josie and red beans by moi.  These fancy-shmancy cupcakes were a treat FROM "Treat."

The table was set....just waiting on our guests.

Oh, and #2 Son was around as well.  The best birthday gift has been his attitude the last 6 weeks or so.  Thank you, Lord!

Cute picture of My Guy's Dad cracking up....

Cousin Josie and #2 Son....toying with her iPad. 

Birthday Guy getting his "treat."  He went for the 24 Karat (that'd be carrot cake cupcake, cream cheese icing dusted with 24 K powder...

Serving his Mom....look how sweet she's looking at her boy!!!!!  By the way, what IS the etiquette of eating cupcakes?  That was a topic of discussion and with such frothy frosting a fork was a must!

And so it's on to a holiday, long weekend.  Woo-hoo!  I hope everyone of you has a treat in store for your weekend!


Anonymous said...

Cute pics Vava!! Sad we couldn't be there to help y'all celebrate. We will have to toast Gary Dean again in a few weeks. So many September Bdays - what was going on 9mos ago... Vicki

Anonymous said...

BTW - I love the table setting!!


moondiva said...

Everything is beautiful!!! Cupcakes look divine..cup fits in you hand so I'd say finger/handheld food!

xoxo Deborah

Pam said...

Happy Birthday Gary! It looks like a fabulous celebration...good food, good friends and family...and a beautiful wife who can decorate and set a mean table!! Love it all Va!! thanks for sharing..xoxo

Girl Meets Paris said...

So glad you haddock a nice celebration!

Happy birthday to yournhubby!

Girl Meets Paris said...

Ok... You didn't have haddock. I was typing so fast I didn't realize it changed had to haddock... Go figure!