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Monday, April 12, 2010

Life CAN be a bowlful of...

Good stuff!  Pardon me if I harp on (the JOY of!!) empty nesting again.  I suppose it's all relative - a friend of mine has a daughter.  She and her girl are thick as thieves and that daughter prefers home.  To hanging out with her peers.  Our home hasn't had that "draw"..perhaps since 1993.  Is it boys?  I don't care enough to psychoanalyze that

So, I'm puttering in my kitchen; cleaning a bowl of berries, contemplating what I can throw together for din-din.  My Guy really loves dinner.  And appreciates it.  But....I AM an empty nester and cooking for two is losing its appeal.  A lot of it is the fact that I HATE eating late.  I'd rather not eat (unless a bowl of popcorn is forced upon me) than eat past 7:30.  And when My Guy runs, it's a late night.  The poor dear ran his tail off yesterday and came in hungry.  It's a bad sign when there's no pot steaming, boiling, roasting or baking.  I'll give you a little insight into how relaxed we are.  He enters the pantry, studies it a while and declares there's not much going on in there.  I suggest our "go-to" sandwich.  He knew what that was!  "A grilled cheese?"  "Yup!"  The most amazing part is that AFTER he wolfed it down he said "thanks" and that it was good!  We ARE indeed living a different life. 

I digress - back to my bowl of berries.  Such beauty in nature; whether from the store or the earth.  In my prayer time this morning, I asked that my eyes be open to His blessings.  Life is simple at this point in time.  I am thankful the house is still.  And this morning - oh, my goodness, let me SHOUT, "Thank You, Lord for a picture perfect morning!"  It was sunny and cool and heavenly.  I thoroughly enjoyed pulling weeds, planting (a few) tomato plants and other goodies. 

Before I planted I had a grand time at my local Lowe's.  Dear Chester was a wealth of information on whether to use aluminum or steel for a project.  I {{{LOVE}}} excellent customer service! 

My current reflecting is maybe due to wearing this Saturday night:

...and a friend telling me this MUST be my signature piece and to never take it off.  "This" was a wedding gift 32 1/2 years ago from my grandmother, Mimi.  Attached to it was an octagonal charm (LARGE at that!) with semi-precious jewels. 22 years of age, I had zippo appreciation.  I tucked it away.  About 15 years ago, I removed the charm and it became a lovely bracelet.  I don't wear it (enough) but plan to starting now.  So, you can see...I had to GROW into it.  I appreciate it now; just like I do my quiet home.  So much good stuff can go on when we grow bigger and our household grows smaller.  

It is the little things.  Like a fabric flower pinned to a (plain) cardigan.

A belly laugh - almost embarrassing ourselves...

Reconnecting with a friend as if no time had passed

A worship song at church that takes you higher

Dirt under my fingernails

Anticipation of a weekend away

Dancing with My Guy

Sleeping with the window open

A pedicure...

There's just a whole lotta GOOD STUFF out there. 

I do so hope your eyes are open - we don't want to miss a thing!



Dianne said...

Va, this is what I love most about don't miss a thing!!! You are always joyful no matter the circumstances around you. It comes from within. Life is a bowl of cherries for you and your guy. I am delighted. As an empty nester I can honestly say these are the best times. I wouldn't go backwards for anything!!!! I enjoy my kids as adult and I love my new life!

Pam said...

oh Va I just adore you! That bracelet is most definetly your signature NOT take it off again! It is beautiful!! I lost a very dear piece of family jewelry that was given to me...and I was waaaay to young to appreciate it. What I would do to have it look fabulous my dear! xoxoxoxoxo

Denise said...

Great post, Vava! There you go again - finding the JOY in every. single. moment. And that bracelet IS your signature piece - fo sho. xoxo

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

Great post! Love your bracelet & that it is from your grandma!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog & for adding some other good reads to it!!!

martha said...

yes, let's DON"T miss a thing! LOVE the berry bowl-some of my faves right there!
ALso, cool breezes, books piled up to read when time (HA) allows, taxes almost done, open-toed shoe weather, a walking routine in place, a botanic garden nearby-and hopes to visit it this weekend,and MORE!

Teri said...

I'm about three years from an empty nest, and a few WEEKS away from 50... but you make it all sound good. Love your attitude, and thankful you and your hubby are still in love and healthy to enjoy it!