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Monday, April 5, 2010

Face Lift(ed) Anyone?

I'm a wimp.  I don't like pain so a face lift is not on my agenda. Not even Botox. I won't pay someone to scrape my face either (however, a daily "mini-peel" by Olay is just the ticket!).  We are bombarded by media, magazines and make-up!  So, yea, I do slap an occasional egg white on my face as shown on a previous post.  I am a product junkie but no knives or needles thank you very much.

Life at this "certain age" has bennies.  Four years ago at 50 I (finally) came into my own.  I'd say comfy with who I am.  Over many years, it took some doing and some reading, some studying, some counseling, and a whole lot of praying.  In all of that reading, one book sticks out the most and it didn't make Oprah's book club.  It's The Bible

By reading it, it promises:

  • revival of the soul
  • making us wise
  • joy to the heart
  • light to the eyes
  • a great reward
Who needs a face lift?  Give me a refreshed soul with a light in my eye and joy in my heart (for free and PAIN-free).  Sad to say I am not a member of the Mensa Society.  Yet who doesn't want to be wiser?  Even I am promised these gifts!  THAT gets me fired up!

Friends and acquaintances in my daily life know trouble: financial, medical, marital, family, child, health, career....the list goes on and on.  These (certain) women depend on one thing only.  And IT brings out their beauty, joy and serenity that no prescription could fill.  No beauty treatment could put the glow on like this.

Many years ago I went to a women's conference.  One of the speakers was in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down.  On break we lined up at her book table.  I said to my friend:  "look at her face.  She glows!"  She informed me that would be The Holy Spirit in her.  Aha!  That was a new concept to me and I wanted it. 

Today I read Psalm 19:7-11 again and it DID just what it said...revived my soul.  There are a ton of GREAT books out there - positive, self-helpers.  But I would venture to say, that most everyone has a Bible.  By reading it...if only 15 minutes a day, our face lifted to Him...I promise that no matter how you LOOK, your heart and soul will be revived.  You may not have to run out for the latest product.  Well, YOU may not have to but I probably will.  I can't help myself.

... and I'll give it my best to have my face lifted...daily, if possible.  It's good for the soul!


martha said...

This is the BEST refreshment i've come across lately, Va!! Thanks so much...your blog is FRESH and real! ANd full of ♥

Pam said...

This is a great post Va...and it hit home with me. I am embarrased to say..I've never read The Bible. It scares me just looking at it. It's on my to do list..."ta da" list!

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Pam, do NOT be embarrassed. Start with baby steps. 15 minutes a day. It's quite the Rx for the you!

Dianne said...

Va, I made it my goal to read a little each day and complete the whole Bible last year. I did it and was so much better for it. I may just do it again because I really felt better. Can't explain that but I did!!. I loved reading it in sequence, it made a difference to my understanding the history.

Teri said...

Superb post! Oh so true!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Va! Very thought provoking! xo

Joy said...

This is rich Virginia. I love that about the Holy Spirit shining thru giving you a beautiful glow.
I love to see that you write notes in your Bible. I do too. I was sitting in Sunday School a few weeks ago and the man I was sitting next too asked me why I underlined in my Bible. I couldn't believe it needed an explanation. How can I not. I thought everyone did.
♥ Joy

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Joy....thanks so much! And....I'm with you (obviously). I doodle on everything, yes, including my Bible!

domestic bliss said...

Great post! LOVE it- Very inspirational- I will definitely visit again!