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Friday, January 31, 2014

A Beauty Walk!

Art is a subject that is popping up everywhere around me.  And, although I am NOT an artist, for example…I cannot draw a stick figure, well, I have an artistic bent.  I appreciate beauty - see it often and in everyday stuff.  I am thankful that God made me this way.  

His beauty is what gets me going - what sets me straight - what can change my attitude.  I did not have a good one this morning.  Attitude, that is.  This day I woke up in a dark, weighty mood; I wasn't finding beauty.  And so I called on a few women to pray for me.  Do you know about them?  Maybe not them-them, but do you have peeps in your lives?  That you can ask to pray for you and not even tell them WHAT to pray for?  Just say "God knows."  And, then they are on it.  If you don't, you must.

I had to catch some beauty and the best place is right outside my front door.  Our funky, quirky, 1-story sits in a neighborhood with ginormous oaks, winding streets, a few fields, and the hand of God all over it!  With my ear buds in, my playlist 'on' - my step got peppy!  Every song spoke to my heart - the lyrics were prayers blanketing me AND lifting me higher and higher.  

God was the conductor on my jaunt.  At this very moment…

David Crowder's voice rang out:  
"He is the one, He is The King."  Agreed!  

The longer I walked, my body tired; yet, my soul soared.  I walked down a road that ended with an empty lot.  It must have had a home there once, but no more.  I saw it this summer in all its' finery - green, overgrown, magical.  This time of year….it looked different.  It matched my early morning soul - dry, lonely, sad.

I'd really like to ask someone if I could carry these two items to our place.  I'm loving that bench and fountain…I mean really - how sad do they look, all alone?  We would be a great home. It's a spot in our neighborhood that draws me in….I have to walk through and around trees and bushes.  The leaves crunch underfoot and I am once again, a little girl.  A child in the woods.  Alone.  In Connecticut, I spent HOURS in the woods and did not know about God.  When I look back, I know that He was beside me, protecting me, bringing me to this place - in life, in marriage, parenting, work, friendships.  How sweet, that even then, as a non-believer, as a 'non-knower' - He loved me.  

As I rounded the bend for the home stretch, 139, began.  Of course, My Conductor would play that for my finale.  And if that's not sweet enough, a chartreuse butterfly, graced our dry, brown yard.

I see beauty - in soul sisters who pray.  In music that heals.  On walks with The Lord.


Gen Santanelli said...

I smiled through reading this post. It was evident how you walked with your whole heart. How you were present with our Lord and your thoughts. How you were grateful for and began to feel the strength through your soul sisters praying. Love to you.

PS - I too would want that bench and fountain. I too would fall in love with this special little place you are grateful to have near you.

Privet and Holly said...

What a gift to see the
world in this way! I hope
that you are seeing 'lots
of beauty as this new season
opens like a flower : )

xo Suzanne