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Friday, April 6, 2012

A REALLY Good Friday!

It's Good Friday...and it really is!   First pedi in ages - pale toes for Spring.  Date Night with My Guy.  Good Friday.  A phone call from #2 Son.

What's the big deal you ask about a phone call?  Well, #2 Son was transferred to "the program."  It is an intense one at that...starting with 35 days of Orientation (translation: no contact other than letters).  However, he completed his "modules" 15 days early AND was rewarded a call to his Dad.  My Guy relayed how strong he is, how positive he is, and how "other-focused" he is.  He asks about us.... 

He is in a Mental Health Residential Program mandated by the courts.  We miss him.  Crazily.  I have to confess, it took three months or so for ME to miss him.  But, oh how God restores the heart - especially between a child and his parents!  

It's timely that I just started Beth Moore's "James" study.  In the intro, she talks of how we fill our emptiness with girl friends and people who think like us.  If we are at odds with family members OR if we think our family is odd, it hurts.  I agree.  No matter how brave and bold I am when I say: "oh, I'm ok.  Haven't seen so & so in ages, we have nothing in common."  Deep down, I ache for a connection with that family member.  "Have you discounted His ability to restore your natural family?" {Beth Moore} 

...and until restoration occurs, there is the One who can fill our aching hearts.  

I'd love to share a portion of one of our son's letters:

If you "knew us when..." Mmm.  And all his letters read like this.  I believe that God is doing a mighty work in our boy.  Our family WILL be restored.   

Oh, yes, it's a GOOD Friday!!!  And to make it even more so... I WON a "giveaway" from House of Turquoise!!!  Yup, that was me who squealed with delight!!   Check out a lovely book by Kathryn Greeley.  

So dear friends, I'm praying we all take time to contemplate what these next three days mean.  And get some happy toes while you're at it!  

Happy Resurrection Day!


Dianne said...

Love you and hope your Easter is filled with blessings! Reed is a new man. :)

Emily said...

Wow, what a letter. He sounds wonderful Vava!

Pam said...

wow! reed sounds so good!! love the p.s. :)

Ioana-Carmen said...

This is so sweet! what do you say about following each other?:X