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Sunday, June 26, 2011

No Fireworks...please!

There will most likely be a ban on fireworks due to the Texas drought!  It's quite hot here.  Yet, our gorgeous Dynamite Red Crape Myrtles finally blossomed.  We have two - on both sides of the house.  We thought something happened cuz everyone else's crape/crepe (sp???) myrtles have been in full throttle.  We had our downpour last week and look!

How funny that her name has an explosive connotation.  Planted by our homestead - thar she blows!  We sure don't need fireworks around here: either the physical OR literal type!  Thank you, very much!
On this very day our sermon was on JOY and we're told it's a must, i.e., a command in The Bible.  Read 1 Thessalonians 5:16 a few times.  Ben Stuart preached on it today.  He tells us:  "Every time there is a 'when,' we rejoice." 

Even today WHEN you-know-who is slipping and we see a shadow of darkness appear?

Ok, Lord....HOW!?  Oh, yea.  Joy is a gift.  We receive this gift through The Holy Spirit WHEN we seek and ask! 


...even WHEN the fuse has been lit!

As I tiptoe away from the fireworks of the flesh (it's so dangerous!), I contemplate on a sovereign God!  And I am filled with joy at the thought that MY GOD is stomping on that fuse for me

The joy of the Lord is your strength. (Vava)
Nehemiah 8:10


Dianne said...

Va, you preach this but more LIVE this!!!!
I have never known a more joy filled person no matter what you are facing. I wish I could be more like you. I am trying. I know and believe what you say is true but living it can be so much harder. You are a wonderful example and a devout Christian. xoxo

Anonymous said...